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Tessellated Calibration Targets

Tessellated Calibration Targets

Model:Tessellated Series
Item Number: CTG
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The outline standard dimensions of Tessellated Calibration Targets is 38, 50, 76, 100, 150, 200mm. Its precision can reach +/-0.001mm after testing by the China Institute of Metrology.

It can be compatible with Zhang Zhengyou basic calibration algorithm and OpenCV calibration algorithm.Suitable used for universities and research institutions.

Model:CTG Series Name Rule
Tessellated Calibration Targets
Model Product Target Dimen. Array Patten Size(mmxmm)
CTG-038-0.2 Tessellated Calibration Target 1.5" 101x101 0.2x0.2
CTG-050-0.5 Tessellated Calibration Target 2" 51x51 0.5x0.5
CTG-076-1.0 Tessellated Calibration Target 3" 51x51 1.0x1.0
CTG-100-2.0 Tessellated Calibration Target 4" 37x37 2.0x2.0

Substrate: Soda Lime Glass,   Thickness : 2.3mm,   Overall Accuracy : ±1um,   Direct Laser Writing
1" = 25.4mm×25.4mm;  1.5" = 38.1mm×38.1mm;  2" = 50.8mm×50.8mm;  3" = 76.2mm×76.2mm;  4“ = 106.1mm×106.1mm

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